all photography on this site as well the editing, graphics, web design, social media and the art by Brenna Curry

This is my photography and stage hand resume 1994 to 2010


1994 to 2007  PHOTOGRAPHY:

Model Portfolio/comp cards, Golf tournaments, pro and not so pro. ie Phoenix Open 97 Tiger Woods hole in one , a perfect follow thru. Tradition Chi Chi Rodriquez. Muhammad Ali at Celebrity Fight Night, non for profits Arizona Down's Syndrome Association,  Arizona Aids Walk, Buddy Walk. Most challenging Photographing Fine Art capturing an endless palette to three colors, before digital. Old school. Also every cloud that rolled over. I still currently photograph all my own art, graphics, editing,  posting, web design, printing, archives and well...all of it.

1999 to 2010 STAGEHAND:

Roadrunner, N.R.G., Live Nation. First I pushed a lot of gear for awhile. Than it was every venue, resort, arena,  Pavilion within Phoenix metro area every show. I mostly worked wardrobe. Dressed Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney,  Rolling Stones 2x, U2. Production assistant for Art Fag lead lighting company VIP Super Bowl 2007 parties and so on and on.  Great swag and very much apart of my art as I would salvage discarded floral bouquets from above mentioned entertainers dressing rooms and photograph, print,  99€ store frame and sell for 20$ on any available dirt corner of first Friday art walk Phoenix 2007.

2002 to 2010  UNION I.A.T.S.E. LOCAL 336: Phoenix Arizona

-THEATER: Same as above not as glamorous yet better pay.  First I pushed a lot of gear then moved into lighting, hanging,  reading plots, running power, focusing, rigging, forklift, scissor lift certified. References from Show Electrician for "Wicked". Physically worked  every theater on every show. "Jersey Boy's", "Cat's" and on.

-TRADESHOW All of them, all over Arizona. Rolled a lot of carpet and as you can guess I pushed a lot of gear BIG CRATES, scary too.


First I pushed all the gear than I was in charge of conventional lights. Packing the gear for everyone around the world to push for shows like Tina Turner. I would test, repair,  replace and package the lighting from the warehouse.  Assist with moving light equipment repair and troubleshooting.  Boards MA and grandma,  Strand.

As a photographer and stage electrician as well to the proper lighting for my artwork I can say

"without lighting it's just radio."