artist bio                                      BRENNA CURRY

VIXEN metal

Brenna Curry born Oklahoma grandma's farm was never far away. Marvel would teach Brenna the Power of Women also the pain that weights with that strength.

Brenna Attended Elkin's Ins in Dallas Texas studying Commercial Photography then moved to Phoenix Arizona photographed over 200 golf courses- resorts- tournaments pro bono Arizona Down Syndrome Association, Arizona Aids Walk. Her most challenging, photographing works of art, before digital, where she meet mentor copper artist Dale Clark, 74 showing at Scottsdale Art Festival.

After visiting Dale numerous times in Bisbee Arizona Brenna made the leap of faith. Living in full  knowledge of her own untapped potential and after union nepotism, divorce and family tragedy she jumped with both feet. To a 7ft x 8ft collapsible box house in middle of desert between Tombstone Arizona and Bisbee Arizona. outside shower and all the rusty metal tools she could yield.

Working mostly with stainless steel Brenna self taught original techniques and processes. She opened her first working studio gallery in 2010 on the wrong way of a one way street than to Main Street USA. Vixen Fine Art Metal Gallery shows exclusively Curry’s work which she owns and operates. Accolades from her neighboring galleries, winning awards, multiple write ups in local papers and regional periodicals.

Brenna’s work is 2d yet aesthetically 3d. With power tools, hand power she creates depth and with water and paints she captures illusion. Brenna’s work is diverse in what metals are used and how it's put together.  Weaving metal from large 5ft x 5ft to biggest yet 34ft x 5 ft woven metal awning, challenging and unique this is Brenna’s most sought after work.

“Art has literally saved my life” “I make it so I can see what it's going to look like”

“than I want to share it with everyone”