I have arranged by subject matter to pages, mouse over for more information on each piece. Hello and thank you for visiting, My name is Brenna and this is all my art. Mostly on stainless steel 304 16g. I love the look and feel of stainless I cant get with other metals. I embrace all the five elements in my design and creation of art. The metal under the paint literally moves as the onlooker changes position, creates a holographic feel. #1 comment I get is "I have never seen anything like it." then "How does it stick" and finally "I'll take it." Only Vixen Metal bears this distinction.

As a photographer by trade I wanted to master light, natural light. With my technique I can achieve just that and more. Organic, healing, an evolution of art not from conventional classrooms yet from a mere accident of hands on rock n roll. I saw an opportunity to unfold a new technique and I jumped with both feet.. I love watching my own growth with each piece I do.

NO CHEMICALS are used. Only water, paint heat from the sun and imagination. The making of a Vixen Metal art starts with a sheet of 304 stainless steel, holes are drilled 1inch in from corners for hanging (takes 3 drill bit per hole). Than each piece differs from the next but what they all have in common is a lot of hand work, being it sanding, angle grinder, dremel, air tools but mostly hand sanding and masking and then some painting. Layer atop of layer working the metal 360* to when light travels across a piece it reflects and refract back to the viewer to reveal layers of depth you will want to reach your hand thru. And if that’s not enough my layered water technique is the cherry on top, each piece shifts as the onlooker changes viewpoint

The woven pieces are motion of pure energies horizontal and vertical than woven together which creates a perfect composition. They can be double sided, or one sided. Sizes vary from 2.5ft x 3ft to larger wall pieces 5ft x 5ft and larger. Tight weave loose weave possibilities are endless.

I am the 2013 recipient of the Buffalo Exchange Visual Arts Award for South East Arizona. I was nominated by another Bisbee gallery. An expert panel voted and I was awarded on January 15, 2014

at the U of A poetry center in Tucson, the award came with $10,000.

I am available for commissioned work for residential or commercial projects. Please spread the word to to your friends and family. Be sure to check out my web site as I am always updating. Thank You.

Prolific, Dynamic, Unexpected, Rare and all Original VIXENFineArtMetalGallery.com



2 Naco Road 1456, Bisbee, Arizona 85603