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LIGHT BENDING, MIND BLOWING, ALL ORIGINAL, AWE INSPIRING I have arranged by subject matter to pages. Hello and thank you for visiting, My name is Brenna and this is all my art. Mostly on stainless steel 304 16g. I love the look and feel of stainless I cant get with other metals. I embrace all the five elements in my design and creation of art. The metal under the paint literally moves as the onlooker changes position, creates a holographic feel. #1 comment I get is "I have never seen anything like it." then "How does it stick" and finally "I'll take it." Only Vixen Metal bears this distinction. PROLIFIC, DYNAMIC, RENEGADE, FEARLESS, UNWAVERING, RARE, UNEXPECTED, ORIGINAL, DREAMER, BOLD and a great dancer

2 Naco Road 1456, Bisbee, Arizona 85603